Founder of SOHO CAPITAL group, Olivier Maurier has extensive experience in dental healthcare information and communication technologies (ICT). In the 1990s, he played a key role in the emergence and development of digital imaging in dental clinics at the world's leading dental imaging company. He also contributed to the computerisation of dental clinics by establishing the software JULIE as the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution in France.

Throughout his professional career, Olivier Maurier has embarked on several entrepreneurial ventures in France, Europe, and the USA.

He has successfully executed several LBO (leveraged buyout) transactions, notably with INITIATIVE & FINANCE INVESTISSEMENT.

Driven by a disruptive vision, he continues to pursue a strategy of buy & build and the development of innovative solutions based on cloud computing technologies.



Mike has over 20 years experience in the Dental industry with roles progressing from Account Manager, Sales, International Business Development, Business Line manager and General Manager before joining SOHO CAPITAL.

His Market and Product knowledge of Dental Practice Management Software is extensive and he’s passionate about understanding customer needs and converting that into opportunities that have a valid and obvious value proposition for customers.

He’s passionate about our people and business culture, and believes Leadership is an inclusive activity with every team member having a voice.

The industry is going through digital change, and he is determined to use this as an opportunity to allow our customers both in Dental Practice and Dental Laboratories to capitalise through enhanced and new solutions delivered by the group.

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