Who are we ?

SOHO CAPITAL, founded in 2014, is an international group specialised in the digital dental sector.
The group invests in leading companies in the European market, offering digital and innovative solutions for dental professionals.
It is led and driven by an experienced team of professionals who are passionate about digital technology in the field of oral health.

Our misson

The increasing demand for dental care, the development of regulations, and the emergence of new technologies necessitate the creation of new management tools, interoperability, and communication between dental care facilities and patients.

SOHO CAPITAL is creating a group of digital solution providers capable of positioning themselves as the main link between stakeholders in the dental ecosystem.
By leveraging cloud computing technology, its objective is to process, manage, communicate, and share information among the various facet of dental healthcare.

Our companies, leveraging extensive experience in software development in the Dental Medicine field, strive to create synergies in costs, technology, and innovation. This collaborative initiative aims to deliver competitive advancements and technological expertise, delivering high-quality solutions in the practice management area.

Our vision

Drawing on its experience in developing specific software solutions, SOHO CAPITAL is pursuing a value-creating European build-up strategy. This involves monetising information, expanding its geographical presence across Europe based on synergies, achieving critical mass, realising economies of scale, and consolidating markets. 

The group supports dental sector development projects, including transitioning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies, internationalisation, improving dental industrial processes, driving growth, strengthening organisations and tools, and more.


International group

As of today, the group has presence in four European countries - France, Portugal, Poland, and the United Kingdom - through its subsidiaries Prothesis Dental Solutions, Imaginasoft, Estomed and Aerona, benefiting from a leadership position in their respective markets.