Portuguese flag IMAGINASOFT SOHO CAPITALPopulation: 10.3 billion inhabitants
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 239.253 trillion euros
10,500 dentists
4,500 dental clinics

NewSoft DS Solutions

Imaginasoft is a well-known name in the field of management software for dental practices in Portugal. The company has been developing software and other specialized solutions, as well as providing Digital Radiology and Imaging equipment for dental clinics and groups for more than 26 years. 

Imaginasoft’s main solution is the software NewSoft DS, responsible for a full practice management workflow. NewSoft DS has several functionalities and modules, including Appointment Scheduling, Patient Records, Medical Notes, 3D Dental Chart and Treatment Plans, Budget plans and Billing, Statistics and Reports, Electronic Prescriptions, and more.

Besides the key features of the software, the daily use of NewSoft DS can be further improved thanks to the 5 key Add-Ons: Doctor’s App (with the doctor’s agenda and patient information), Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators, Digital Docs (for digitally filling and signing Anamneses and Informed Consents), Automated SMS Reminders, and Electronic Invoices.

The Online Patient Portal for booking appointments, as well as the Automated Check-In service, are two new services that now integrate with the software and allow for a more efficient and engaging patient experience. Imaginasoft also provides clinics with Radiology and Digital Imaging equipment. These include CBCTs, X-ray machines, intraoral scanners, cameras, and sensors.

Nowadays, Imaginasoft is featured in more than 1600 clinics across the country and is used by the main Dental Medicine Schools and Universities in Portugal, making it the market leader in management software for dental practices.

Dentist IMAGINASOFT radiology equipment patient